davehopp (davehopp) wrote,

Moving Right Along!

School and Finals:
I demo'ed my project to Dr. Hwang on Friday, and he, of course, wasn't very impressed. He just made me click around for 2 minutes, asked me to show him some source code, database querries, and asked me how many querries I completed.. I said around 11 truthfully, but he doesn't check our projects at all. I could have said 20 and he would have written it down. Hehe, all that work for a 3 minute demo.

I asked for an extention for my document, because I only had around 45 pages. Right now, it is up to 140 pages, and there is still much work to do. I hope to get it close to around 200 when I am done. (Some crazy people had as many as 500 pages.) I am going to have it printed and bounded at Kinkos probably Monday morning before I go to work..

Moving out:

I am scheduled to move out on either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Pretty much, whichever day is better for umino to help me move!! Thanks again for offering to help me move OzziKun!!
On Monday, my mom might come up and start helping me pack up a little.
Tuesday will be the major packing up day though. My mom and Dad will come up and help me box things up. himekokurai mentioned that she might be able to come up and help us as well on Tuesday. But on Wednesday or Thursday, I will drive the big U-Haul to San Marcos and pack everything up and store it temporarily in my parents garage until I can find an apartment or something.

I can't wait to get back to San Antonio and finally settle in.
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