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New Job update

I've been working at USAA for two days now.. Its just orientation right now, so we are getting a ton of information thrown at us. The building is very intemidating because it is about 2 miles long.. Orientation is so boring, but I guess it is necessary. I got my badge thingy and my parking sticker, so I don't stick out there any more.. I just look like a regular employee walking around.. I made a few friends in orientation. One of them, Kim, used to work at Boko's before I did, and she moved to Georges around the time when I got re-hired. Now we are both going to be working in building B. She actually used to have Matt's position. Small world.. Tomorrow is my last day of orientation, and I will be able to report to my manager at 4:00pm to see my desk, even though I've already seen it and met most of my co-workers on the day of the social.

::yawn:: I have to get up early, so I guess I will call it a night. The days are short when you work all day. <-- I already miss college..
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