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Stuff and Stuff!!!

Work is good. I have been in training most of the time since I started work. This is a good thing, since I don't really have anything to do yet at work.. They have assigned me to some projects already, but I can't really start doing them until training is over. I could go in after training, but my manager doesn't want me to put in more than a few hours of overtime in every week, not to mention it would suck to work after training. Last week was Intermediate Java, the week before that was intro to OO, and this week is Java Servlets, JSP, and an overview of just about everything J2EE has to offer.

My manager and mentor are really nice, and so is everyone else on my team (although the closest one to me in age is 45 years old.) Almost everyone in training is right out of college though. I got paid for the first time on Thursday, which was nice! I can't really use my money yet though, since it was deposited into my new USAA bank account, and I don't have my current pin. <-- (This is my fault.. I lost the paper..) I have a credit card, debit card, and checkbook, so there are other ways i can spend. Oh, and because of security stuff, i found out that I can't use any external programs at work.. The best I can do to communicate with the outside world is email. <-- which i can answer about 30 seconds after receiving so it is almost like IM. I've also made a bunch of friends at USAA.. All of them are new hires too.

I've been watching Yakitate Japan <-- thanks to Thomas's advice. I love it! It is so funny!! and punny!! Thomas was right to suggest it to me! I saw several episodes when I was in Japan but didn't really understand the puns.. I even had a few Japan while I was in Japan, but I couldn't appreciate them like I could have now.. I had the Melon pan and anko pan.. I'm watching a few other TV shows as well. I've been watching The Shield, 24 (which promises to be a great season!), House (whenever they decide to make a new one (-_-) ), and Lost (which I am behind in but catching up).

I am also participating in a few things at USAA. I have decided to join the Ping Pong club (because any other intramural sport seemed too much for me, and because I love ping pong), and I am thinking about joining either the USAA band or Choir. Probably the band over the Choir, since they want someone with high school or college choir experience in choir. We'll see.

I saw Brokeback Mountain, which I thought was good, but overrated.. It was too slow moving for me. I even got bored in some parts. I did think the story was good and original though. I also saw Underworld II, which I thought was awesome! I'm a sucker for action-packed movies like that with great fight scenes though..

I also went to Anime Fest in Austin on Friday afternoon for a few hours. I just wanted to go to the dealers room, so Sara and I borrowed someone's badge and got in for free for a couple of hours, then Ozzi, Sara and I went to Coco's to eat

OH!! and I went to see the Spurs vs. Timberwolves on Sat. night with Kevin! It was a great game! We were also in the corporate box seats, because my dad gave me the tickets that were given to him. We had complementary food, soda, and beer too.. which was great..

My apartment is very nice now that I have completely moved in. Ian, Sara, and Jami are all really good and considerate roommates. We cook together and hang out and stuff. I'm only 15 minutes away from my parents house, so I can go visit or get some home cooking or something just about any time I want, so yay for that.
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