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Another week in the History Books

Well, I am officially out of training now. (training that involves other people teaching me things). I have a lot of self training to do now. Everyone around me knows so much, and I am the only one walking around that doesn't seem to know anything. I feel nervous about bothering these super busy people with my elementary questions. Its the only way that I'm going to learn though. They are all really nice and helpful.. Not always very friendly.. They are all really into their jobs.. They get in the groove with their ipods and look like they don't want to be bothered. I wish I could take a picture of my cubicle, which is super neat, but they don't allow cameras into the building. Ahh security.. My first assignment was a high security one. I got the whole talk that this is for my eyes only, and to minimize the window if anyone comes to talk to me.. I finished that little assignment though, and right now, my job is to read technical documents and try to understand them.. I have a lot of questions, and there are a lot of acronyms i don't understand. (I've been told that USAA is the only company in America that has more acronyms that all of the branches of the military combined.)

I found a new karaoke place that not only rocks my socks, but they combust after leaving my foot.. It is run by Japanese people, so their Japanese section is HUGE! It is like a phone book.. <-- much like the japanese selection of the karaoke places in Japan. They have sooo much.. 1 week old stuff to moldy oldies.. And it's only a few miles away!! about a 5 minute drive.. I've already been there twice in 2 weeks.. It reminds me of Japan so much! 懐かしい思いをさせた. I looked for I love Strawberry Sorbet, but it wasn't there V_V.. When looking through the 林原めぐみ section, it made me think of Marie!! I sang all of my old favorites that I did so many times with Eric, Liz, Marie, and Becca..

I went over to Kevin's house the other day, and got to oggle his new 52 inch DLP HDTV. It is beautiful.. His house really looks nice too since he got married. Nice Decorations.. We played some games on the ol' xbox and had some thai food.

I got sick last week.. (icky).. Actually, I am still a little sick, but the worst was last Thursday. I went to the company clinic and got checked out by a doctor.. I had a 101.3 temperature, but I didn't have any PTO (paid time off) so I couldn't go home.. I decided to stick the day out.. I actually worked 9.5 hours that day because that was the day I got my first assignment.. I made sure to keep washing my hands every half hour so to attempt to not get anyone else sick..
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