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Oh Stuff, when will you learn.

Forgive me LJ, It has been over a month since my last confession.. <-- i feel like such a dork now.. Anyway, there have been a few new things going on..

I had an excellent bday! Although, my pseudo-party had to be rescheduled because I had to "put out a fire" at work. My parents took a bunch of my friends including Ozzi, En, Tony-San, Sara, Preston, and Andrew. They even sang happy birthday in Japanese to me at the end of the meal and gave me icecream with booze in it! (They lit it on fire though, which was a pretty inferno, but makes me think that it burned up all of the alcohol.)

I got some neat things for my bday too. Andrew gave me Dynasty Warriors for the GBA, Sara gave me the ウルフルズ ベストだぜ cd, my Grandma gave me her 1998 Silver Honda Civic with only 11K miles on it, and my parents had the windows tinted, a new stereo installed, new wheels and tires, and had it detailed. Its a really beatiful car now. I also bought myself a few little things. I got myself a Creative Zen Vision:m 30gb mp3 player <-- down with apple.. I also got myself a new dvd-rom for my xbox and a new wireless adapter for my xbox so my xbox can reach it's full potential again. (we can rebuild it.. we have the technology)

Other than that, I've been doing a few other random things.. I won at poker last week for the first time! $25!! yay! And I started up an old hobby again that is uber geeky.. Magic the Gathering.. It's good times though.

My work is full of training recently.. In the beginning of march, i had a hard time.. They were all really busy and didn't have time to train me, so i had nothing to do. Because of that I decided to begin training myself with little programming excercises.. It would take me a day to do what it would take John (my team's lead programmer) 15 minutes to do, but at least I was doing something. Reading code all day does make one tired though.

In the last two weeks, I've been in training classes non-stop. At the same time, an issue came up in b2b, a set of applications that i am now the SME(subject matter expert) for.. This is pretty much because the old guy left and they said, "Dave, learn everything about the b2b servlets and all the stuff that they depend on." Juggling that and training, i am now busy.. It is much better to be slightly stressed out than to be bored. I even got about 46 hours last week. yay, overtime! Just for the record, my two training courses are ILog JRules training last week, and Java Performance Tuning this week. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 hours total.. now that's a crash course..

In other news, I am on the wonderful Atkins Diet again. <-- his diet lives on even though he has died.. I am doing pretty well, except for the occasional slip up.. today, i accidently drank a non-diet Redbull to try to wake up so i could pay attention in class and i didn't realize that it was non-diet until i was done. oh well, I am doing pretty well. I won't say how much i've lost, because if i do i won't lose anymore.. <-- its like reading a fortune cookie before you eat it... it won't come true.. Any ways.. There is of course more, but i'm tired of typing, and i'm sure you are tired of reading about my life.. ^_^;
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