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I'm watching the Spurs game, which means random thought time

Its pretty close, which always makes me nervous. It was during playoff time last year that I got back from Japan, just enough time to see the semifinals and the finals. My parents said that the goodluck of having risachan come visit during the finals last year was the edge that we needed to have them win. I think that i agree with that. We might not be able to win without that luck again this year! :-P

Its Sunday, which means that tomorrow is Monday, which means more work. The project I am on is starting tomorrow, so hopefully I won't be so bored this coming week.

I had Sonic for lunch.. It was alright.. I don't like burgers as much as I used to.. Maybe that's a good thing.

I like it when nuclear is pronounced new-cue-ler. I think its special.

I missed House last Wednesday!! must get it.....

I saw Mission Impossible 3 last night.. It had good action scenes..
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