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6/6/06 (Sigh) I want to see the omen today ;_;

Well, it turned out to be a pretty tame day, despite the date.. I was hopin' for a little chaos!

I spent some of the day helping out college interns at work have something to do.. I do this because I know EXACTLY what it is like to be an intern in a big company and to be forgotten.

My manager told me that he wants me to step up my hours from 40 to 45 hours per week.. Good for money(while i am still eligible for overtime), but bad for time and sanity. Its hard for me to spend 10 hours or more at work in one day. Very mentally taxing. I actually wish I had more meetings to go to sometimes.. Less time stairing at a screen.. Also, a senior programmer on my team has quit the company. He's the lead for the project that I am on..... Whats going to happen to my project? >__<

Also, this will most likely be my first year to miss A-KON since I started going what seems a long time ago. The first time, i went with Jamieson, Thomas, and Preston and we had such a great time.. We met Lisa Ortiz and Crispin Freeman and even got to hang out with Lisa Ortiz for a bit. That was I believe A-KON 13 in 2002. Since then, It has become a ritual for me to go with several of my friends and just geek-out, but many of my friends can't make it. I'm also afraid i'm getting too old for conventions. I don't want to be one of those creepy old dudes that goes to convensions that people always stay away from.

I also took my printer back to Best Buy, cause I couldn't get it to work, and my laptop is in the shop AGAIN. Ahh, frustration.. At least I only have to work 4.5 hours on Friday, which means I get out at noon.
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