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New Toy!!!!

I have a couple interesting updates. I have made a few puchases and then gotten a few things for free!

So, the score on the laptop war is Best Buy 0, Dave 2000.. As is the price of the laptop that I got for free. This is also the first LJ post on my new Lappy. The back story is simple.. Dave buys laptop in Feb, 2004 with service plan. Best Buy service plan states: If you have a product serviced 4 times in the span of your service plan, you are elegible for a replacement of equal value by todays technology standards. Dave has problems with Laptop DVD burner and has it serviced 3 times and 1 time for something else. Dave gets a new laptop for free. I did buy a service plan for it again of course. How can i not? This is my laptop. The thing that really was crazy to me about it was its bells and whistles.. It has a built in Camera and Microphone and a fingerprint scanner for security..

I also bought a new TV that I plan on using as a monitor/TV. Its a Dell 26 inch LCD HDTV. Too big for a monitor you say? We shall see! ^_^

Work has been good lately too! I am finally starting to do some fun stuff.
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