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Good Day at work

Why do they treat college hires so well at USAA? The world may never know.. All of these free lunches, gatherings on company time. They bought us each a season pass to Fiesta Texas and took us once on company time. We have another outing planned. Today, we went to Dave and Busters.. A bar/restaurant/arcade. The Senior VP of my department was there and he gave us the congratulations on your first 6 months at USAA speech, then they brought out the food buffet thing, and after we ate, he handed out $40 arcade cards to everyone and said "go have fun".. <-- on company time of course.. They are really pampering us. Some college hires have been taken to spurs games and stuff on the company dollar. I went to the rodeo (-_-) but at least it was free and I was sitting court side at the SBC center. I guess it is our "transition from college life to working life" time in our lives, so they want us to have fun..

After Dave and Busters, my friend from work Dereck and I decided to go see Nacho Libre.. It was hilarious! Jack Black's singing was great.

On top of all that, I made a huge breakthrough on my project at work, and I did it with very little help! Work is a lot easier when you don't have a ton of meetings to go to like the senior people do. Only piece of bad news is that since I worked only 38 hours as of today, I need to work around 6 hours tomorrow, which would be till 1:30pm(without lunch). I value my half days on friday.. ^_^
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