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4 Day Weekend!

I decided to take Monday off, and Tuesday is a holiday! That means 4 day weekend!

Work has been great lately! I have finished all design and I have been developing code for the last couple of weeks! I am also way ahead of schedule on my project work. Hopefully, they keep giving me stuff as I finish them, so I can help to get them back into a situation where they can finish the project on time.

I'm having a pretty good week. I saw Superman. It was a great movie! I also saw The Devil Wears Prada. It kept me entertained, but i didn't like it that much. It was too predictable.

On Friday, I went over to Kevin's house and we had an 8 hour lan party! I had so much fun playing quake 3 on my new lappy! There were 6 of us total, and the other 5 were in Auto Systems at USAA. I was the only Infrastructure guy..

On Saturday, Tony-San and umino came over to hang out. I'm always kinda worried when so many people hang out, cause there is always someone who is unhappy, and there is always someone who is not easy going and had to do things their way, which makes others unhappy. I usually spend more time trying to make everyone happy. I ended up going to a chinese food restaurant for dinner with Kevin, Beth, and Tony. Ozzie, Sara, Preston, and EN all went to Quiznos and Freebirds (since they couldn't agree on a place). I came home and hung out with Ozzie, En, and Tonysan in my room and we closed the door to avoid any further drama. *sigh* But there turned out to be more drama to be had. Tony had left his keys and cellphone at the basketball court and they were missing now. I made a few calls, and I tried to get ahold of someone from the office to see if it was in lost and found, but they were closed and the answering service couldnt help us.. I offered to drive him home to pick up his keys, or let him stay the night at my apartment and he could wait till the morning when the office opened again.
He said that he would wait till morning. In the morning, he found his keys and cellphone at the office! He was able to drive home in the afternoon!

Also, i started watching 6 feet under season 5.. I really like that show!

In other randomness, its been 3 weeks, and my tv isn't here yet.. ;_;
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