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Another day for you and me in Paradise!

I didn't just quote a Phil Collins song... (well, maybe I did)

Misc thoughts
Sleep... I can't seem to do it.. I haven't gotten more than 5 hours a night in the last week. I'm one of those people who can't function well with 7 hrs. I'm going to drug myself tonight to get to sleep.. if I overdo it though, i feel even worse the next day. Noises also happen quite a bit. Either the front door slamming of the neighbors, or dull sounds coming from the second floor or the stairs in my apt. Sometimes the neighbors slam the door so loud, i can feel it in my bed.

So many of my friends are going, or trying to get back to Japan! I really want to go back sometimes! I'm really happy for everyone ganbaruing so much!!!111one I've already wasurechatta'd a lot.. V_V

I have really long hair right now (shoulder length in places) I might actually need a haircut.. Also, Instead of getting a haircut one of the last times i went to the haircutter, i got highlights instead.. Teri (my haircutter since I was 3 years old) actually wouldn't let me cut it short the last couple of times though.. She said she likes it too much. :-P

I'm overweight.. I need to lose weight.. but.. I'm lazy.. which makes me more overweight! I gained weight during my last semester of school and at the beginning of working at USAA, but I have been able to at least not gain any weight for the last 3 or 4 months. I am going to try to workout in the mornings before work (if I can get any sleep) starting next week, and I shall adjust my diet as well.. I'll see how that works out.

I don't think I want to see Journey this year.. They cut Steve Augeri from the tour and got a replacement when he got a throat infection. (I guess he just couldn't sing Steve Perry's music without injuring himself) hehe.. Now it feels like they are using their 3rd string quarterback. (And I was just beginning to get into Steve Augeri's voice and maybe begin to accept him is the new lead singer of Journey.)

Sara got hired at USAA! Omedetou!

I missed OzzFest this year cause I think I'm the only one who likes that type of music. I can't go a lifetime without seeing System of a Down live.

Sonic ripped me off the otherday!! I got a #1 and they charged me for a burger, tots, and a drink separatly.. so the price came out to over $7 instead of $5!!!! (>____<)

wow, i wasn't kidding when i said misc. thoughts!
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