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The Palladium is pretty neat!

Its a new theatre in San Antonio. I saw an awesome movie called Pan's Labyrinth. I would recommend it to all of my friends!

This weekend
I'm completely booked for this weekend with things to do. Saturday, I'm building a computer for my friend Alfred, then installing a new operating system for my friend Preston after that. If there is still time, I hope to go over to Sara's apt and help her move to her new Apt. I also need to run the old cable modem to grande, make a trip to time warner, and pay all of my bills before Johnny "two fingers" McGee or George "Baby Face" Nelson break my knee caps asking "where is my money?" :-P

Tonight Andrew is coming over to hang out.. "We're just two guys and we're having a good time.. having a good time.. having a good time.." (if you don't know the reference, check it out!


I checked my mail today (for the first time in over 2 weeks) and they must have had to shove that mail in there with their foot. Cause it was reaaaaaly full.. and reaaaalllly crumpled.. but thats my fault for not checking it.. however, it wasn't my fault that half of the mail wasn't for me.

I've been renting a lot of TV at Blockbuster lately.. Especially CSI.. I think that I am addicted to that show now. (originally introduced to me by Marie-chama)

I think that I need to get a DVR.. VCR's are so yesterday.. Maybe while I'm at it, I should get HD cable.. I've never really seen HD on my HDTV, except on my XBox360.

American Idol.. I don't even know what to say about it... The show is not even worth watching until the semi finals i think.. (and many may argue that it is never worth watching) Its soooo bad right now.. I'm going to have to watch next week though.. Tuesday and Wednesday is the San Antonio auditions.. And no.. neither I or my friends made a fool of ourselves and auditioned.. hehe.

I've been playing a good amount of Halo 2 and Gears Of War online with friends. Fun stuff!

I've now been working at USAA for over a year now. Time goes by quickly.. I'm still an Apprentice, but that is no problem.. That just means that I am still an hourly employee. When you are an apprentice, you get overtime, and not much is expected of you! :-P I do have to admit, it would be nice to get promoted though.. I got an award for finishing another project.. Its like a plaque and a set of dog tags that say "For Excellence on the J2C project". It doesn't really feel like i even tried especially hard on this project. My response was kinda, "really? excellence?" Also, i probably won't move to another team until around July. I still have stuff to learn on this team.. And I haven't been on-call yet.

anywho.. thats it for now!!
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