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Super Mario Kart Wii Random Post

Wow.. My last post was a year and a half ago! Super Mario Kart Wii is way too much fun. I just got done playing it online with Ryan and John from work. Since there is no speech capabilities on the Wii, we improvised with Skype. Super Smash Bros Brawl is also super fun, although it seems frustrate me to no end and at the same time bring out the worst in me while I'm playing it.

I've had a rental car for a week because I managed to hit a pole with my car. If only inanimate objects would stay away! So, the rental is a really nice car. Its a 2008 Volkswagen Pasat, which is a fun 10 years younger than my car. Still, I can't wait to get my car back. (Mostly because of the cost of the having my car in the shop) My deductible is $500 plus the rental = money will be tight this month.

I need a vacation. Maybe I should plan something then!

If the Spurs lose one more game, they will be out of the playoffs..

It's too hard to lose weight...
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