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60 points Never again!!

I made a bet with a friend at work that he would never get 60 points again in Mario Kart. So, I'm in training. I'm trying to beat every level with a gold trophy and a star rating. I'm using time trials, short cuts, and all of the tricks to get the win. *play Rocky montage music*

Here's a random fact.. Did you know that it is 8 calendar days between Wednesday and Wednesday? Enterprise rent-a-car notified me of its existence and charged me for an extra day. I guess I understand the logic, but I still feel cheated somehow. Also, the guy who told me looked like a used car salesman. (and he probably is one part time)

My 1/2 Marathon training is going well, but not really progressing. I'm still doing around 6 miles 2 times a week. I'd like to add a 3rd day where I increase the incline. I just know that when the time comes for me to actually run it, I'm gonna die as soon as there is a hill. Also, a 1/2 marathon is a little more than 13 miles. So, I still have a long ways to go. Luckily, it isn't until November.

I just got an email about my 10 year High School reunion the other day. God, that makes me feel old. Maybe I need to grow my hair out even longer than it is, dye it green, and play a lot of Pokemon in order to feel younger... Either that or just rent "Land Before Time". That's better.. and it won't get me fired from work!

Well, My alarm-clock is set for 6.5 hours from now. Time to attempt some sleep. *pats the alarm-clock* good luck little guy, you're gonna need it.
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