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First post of the New Year

Its been several months since my last post, so here's an update on everything that's happened lately.

1. I ran a half marathon in 2 hours 15 minutes.
2. Liz visited in August, November, and then for 2.5 weeks in December/January.
3. Liz and I started Dating. (facebook outed us)
4. I lost almost 50% of a mutual fund I've been investing in due to the bad economy.
5. I got a new manager at work (Dan).. Then I got another one and our teams split up. (Kris)

New Year's Resolutions (in no specific order)

1) Lose weight (25 lbs).
2) Keep in better touch with my long distance friends.
3) Do everything I can to help Liz find a job in San Antonio.
4) Get better organized (in general)

I'm starting my workout schedule again, but my endurance has decreased a lot since the marathon. Also, I'm so hungry after the workouts, it makes it difficult to lose weight even when I work out a lot.

Liz flew in on Christmas day and stayed for a couple of weeks. Possibly the best two week's that have ever happened in history.. (^_^) Some of the highlights were:

1) We went to go see Cats the day after Christmas and walked around the riverwalk/downtown with my new GPS (So we wouldn't get lost)
2) Karaoke with just Liz and I.
3) New Years Eve with my friends
4) Our awesome zoo date.
5) XMAS day. (Liz got me a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 rubiks cube, an incredible hulk t-shirt autographed by Lou Ferrigno, and a bunch of other awesome stuff! Greatest gift evar!!!)

As always, a nice and random journal entry...
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